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Should have never went to that cat mechanic.

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Tonight on Conan, Ron Burgundy stops by to play a little jazz flute and make a HUGE announcement!

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Quick, pick who you want before your roommate, Gary, does.

If you can’t catch them all, at least take one!

One of our boys’ photos was picked by Ninemsn as one of the best phone photos. It’s photo number 21.

Top 5 radical 80’s TV dads


Most of us have ‘em!

And the 80’s had some of the finest, upstanding and learned patriarchs television has ever seen. Here is a pick of the top 5 radical 80’s TV Dads:


5. The dad from ALF - Willie Tanner (Max Wright)


A lot older than regular 80’s dads, one can’t blame Mr. Tanner for looking so aged when he had to juggle his family and an alien intruder with a taste for cats.

In 2000, Max Wright, who played Mr. Tanner, was caught drink driving by police. His excuse? He had post traumatic stress from working with a man who stuck his hand up a racoon’s ass for a living. We are all dealing with that, Mr. Tanner.


4. The dad from Full House - Danny Tanner (Bob Saget)

The second Tanner in the list. The name was obviously in vogue in the 80’s, kinda like Corey. Corey Tanner - the quintessential 80’s name.

Anyway, I digress, we all loved Full House, especially Candice Cameron’s work - ohhhh! - but who could forget Danny’s life lessons at the end of every episode.

Like a sax solo and legg-ins, the lesson at the end of a Full House episode will forever remain a perfect 80’s moment. Thank you Bob Saget, for bringing me up right.


3. The dad from Family Ties - Steven Keaton (Michael Gross)

No one could carry off the salt-and-peppery beard like Mr. Keaton. We all knew someone like him - an uncle, a neighbour, a teacher. There was something about that high forehead and dancing eyes that spoke to a generation of young 80’s younglings. It was wise, it was smart, it was fatherly - it was Mr. Keaton.

In real life, Michael Gross’ hobby is collecting train sets - can you get any more like a dad than that?


2. The dad from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Master Splinter

Ok, ok! I know what you’re thinking but hear me out.

As a kid we all loved cartoons and what cartoon is more 80’s than TMNT (although we never abbreviated it back then). And who was the father figure to those radical turtles? Master Splinter.

They don’t come much wiser than Master Splinter and they don’t come much more fatherly in cartoons either. He was the perfect dad, protecting his children, never forgetting birthdays and laying down the law when he needed too. He belongs on this list.


1. The dad from Who’s The Boss - Tony Micelli (Tony Danza)

What? I hear you say, no Bill Cosby? No Dr. Seaver from Growing Pains? What about Mr. Russo from Blossom? No, they are all honourable candidates, but it’s Tony Danza and here’s why:

Does your dad think he’s the shit?                                        Yes

Is your dad a little slow on the uptake with most things?          Yes

Is your dad always wrong when he argues with your mum?       Yes

Does your dad speak incoherently?                                       Yes

Has your dad ever flipped a go-cart?                                     Pure gold!

If you answered yes to at least one of these questions then your dad is Tony Danza. We love him because, unlike the other 80’s TV dad’s, he is real. Our own dad is not perfect and neither was Tony. And yet, we still loved him. This perfectly flawed individual is the perfect father because he hits so close to home.

Kramer reacts to hearing Skrillex dub-step for the first time…. I had the same reaction.

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